Are you a search engine optimizer looking to stay on top of the ever-changing landscape of Google search? If so, great news - Google recently unveiled their new Search Status Dashboard! This new dashboard allows SEOs and website owners to easily monitor changes in organic traffic due to algorithm updates or manual actions taken by Google in real time.

In this article, we'll explore how this dashboard works and how it can help optimize your website's visibility and performance in search results. So hold onto your hats, my fellow SEO professionals – let's dive into what will no doubt be a great addition to any search engines optimization analyst’s arsenal!

Google Search Dashboard: What Is It and What It Means for a

Search Engine Optimization Agency


Google Search Status Dashboard is a search engine optimization tool designed for seo professionals to help them optimize their website for Google search result pages. It provides the live and latest updates and insights of the Google search system that impacts crawling, indexing, and serving.

Between organic searches, pinging servers, and managing SEO campaigns, Google Search Status Dashboard is an invaluable tool for any service-based business or an e-commerce website. It provides a clear insight into how your website is performing in the eyes of Google and helps you identify improvement areas.

Here is what the Google Search Status Dashboard looks like;

Should SEO Service Providers

Use Google Search Status Dashboard?

With insights such as pages’ performance status, coverage issues, and data comparison charts, the Google search status dashboard gives you the upper hand as an SEO services provider to make sure Google’s search engine recognizes your website favorably. Best of all, having a quick bird's eye view of your search engine rank can save time in optimizing your results and ensure your SEO agency stays ahead of the game.

How to Keep Up With Constantly Changing

Google Search Engine Optimization

Landscape as an SEO company?

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