As SEO professionals, every month brings a new challenge: keeping your website spam-free while still ranking high in search engine results. December 2022 is no different and this article offers an inside look into the latest updates related to the December Link Spam Update Rollout.

You have to make sure your website not only survives—but thrives—regardless of what Google throws at it. Get ready for a wild ride as we dive deep into this month's round of changes!

The Update That's Shaking Up the Search Engines Optimization World

The evolution of Google's spam protection system has taken another large step after the launch of Google Search Status Dashboard. With the introduction of an upgraded spam detection system, Google SpamBrain, which is designed to not only target purchased links, but also detect domains that are used primarily by seo services for linking to other sites. Armed with this spam detecting algorithm, Google is able to pay attention to any suspicious activity and take action against it. As this technology continues to evolve and becomes more pronounced, SEO experts should remain mindful when making use of link building strategies – their seo optimization impact could be completely nullified otherwise!

Google December’22 Link Spam Update:

Google's spam update is now rolled out; it will prevent websites with purchased or unnatural backlinks from appearing in prominent positions and provide higher quality search results overall by identifying and combating spam.

The update promises to better help Google search engine users get accurate, non-biased results when they conduct online searches.

With the introduction of Google's link spam update, SEO service providers around the world are doing their best to stay ahead of the consequences for their websites. This game-changing update is certain to have a huge impact on search engines optimization techniques. Anyone with an online presence should consider looking for a professional SEO provider in order to remain competitive during this time of transition and even after when the update is fully rolled out.

Get Your Website Back On Google's Good Side!

If you see your rankings take a hit after December 14, 2022, chances are it’s because of the latest spam update. But don’t worry, you can always hire Jumpto1, a professional SEO agency to help get your website back on track. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy watching the rest of the internet scramble to recover from this major Google update.


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